Genealogy Interpreter
Providing the Key to Your Family History 


Genealogy Interpreter provides an array of services including, but not limited to the following:
  • Locate a wide range of documents and materials with creative problem-solving skills, including those unavailable online.
  • Conduct interviews with full communication access in English or American Sign Language.*
  • Organize and extract data from existing personal collections.
  • Interpret the meaning behind raw data, including the historical and geographical context within a family timeline.
  • Write narrative explanations and timelines, to make records and ancestors spring to life.
  • Present personalized family history programs to families at reunions or gatherings, and provide souvenir packets to guests.
  • Prepare comprehensive family history reports as gifts for weddings or baby showers.
  • Collect documents and prepare applications needed for membership in various lineage societies.
  • Digitize photos and documents, including digital photo restoration.
  • Lead workshops on how to get started in genealogical research, or provide coaching to those who wish to do the research him/herself.
  • Conduct short-term research projects, retrieve documents on-site from local repositories and/or take cemetery photos on behalf of out-of-town researchers.
  • Produce, edit, and distribute family newsletters.
  • Empower and educate clients by explaining both the realistic limitations and exciting possibilities of requested research projects. 
* Note: The owner of Genealogy Interpreter is a professional genealogist and a nationally certified American Sign Language Interpreter who enjoys working with individuals who are Hearing, Hard of Hearing, Deaf and DeafBlind.
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