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Lise Simring is the owner of Genealogy Interpreter, a genealogical research company. Based in Arlington, Massachusetts, Genealogy Interpreter was established in a region steeped in history and rich in available documentation. Ms. Simring is now taking on new clients.

Always drawn to family history, Ms. Simring loved sitting with her family, looking at albums, and hearing their fascinating stories. She was fortunate to learn a great deal about one side of her family, while the other remained a mystery. After years of research, she has been able to reconstruct the puzzle of her ancestors piece by piece. Her ancestors range from Mayflower passengers to more recent Scandinavian immigrants, while her husband comes from a blend of Eastern European Jewish families.

She has collected family photos, documents, and newspaper clippings, conducted interviews and extensive research, and ultimately recently discovered long-lost living relatives. Because of her proven dedication to preserving her family history, her extended family and in-laws have  entrusted her as the family archivist. Her most common research topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 19th and 20th century New York, Massachusetts and Florida, Colonial New England, European emigration, as well as Norwegian and Jewish research.

Ms. Simring holds a Certificate of Genealogical Research from Boston University, a Certificate in Deaf Studies: Sign Language Interpreting from Northern Essex Community College, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts: Children's Theatre, from Emerson College. She has experience serving on state-wide task forces, advisory boards, and both local and national executive boards. For many years, she worked in the Interpreting Department at the Boston Arts Academy, Boston's only public high school for visual and performing arts.

In the summer of 2013, Ms. Simring was elected to serve as the Newsletter Director for the Massachusetts Genealogical Council. She has served as a volunteer transcriber/indexer of over 1,200 WWII records for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and for various projects at, including the 1940 census release. She regularly attends numerous professional development workshops, webinars, and conferences. In addition to her client work, her peer mentorship work, and study in the ProGen group, she is planning to submit her portfolio for review to the Board for Certification of Genealogists in the next few years.

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